Our Story

Why we can plant trees worldwide and at the same time predict all shipments so accurately.

Since there was no satisfying solution, we did it ourselves.

In winter 2010 we waited for a package, but had to go out again to buy something. Since we had just moved into the apartment we were missing a clue when the parcel carrier would ring and we were worried that he would come exactly when we were not there.

Live tracking and arrival forecasts from the deliverers came many years later. So it came as it had to come and this unpleasant note stuck to the door. This unsatisfactory experience was the birth of the idea of Parcello.

Doing good. With
a good idea.

In the beginning the users had to announce the delivery times by hand and as a thank you for it we donated for each announced time an amount to three freely selectable animal protection organizations.

Even though the delivery times of all parcels are now read automatically, we have retained the initial idea of using our innovative tracking system to do something good in the world.

We plant trees for all shipments.

Today we use our profits and plant trees for all shipments that are tracked through Parcello. And on top of that, we continue to change the industry constantly, usually being the first in the market with our developments.

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You want to change the world with Parcello? Then write us, no matter where you come from! Our team is spread all over Germany and we all work remotely.

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We want to be as transparent as possible with you. If you have any questions, whether about planting trees or our daily work, feel free to contact us at any time!