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Track packages.
Find out arrival time. Thereby
planting trees.

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Already 10677 trees planted and
10677935 kg CO2 compensated.

Over 10 Mio+ Kilograms of CO2 Offset Since 2011


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Tracking for all deliverers

You know when your package is coming, we plant trees.

Parcello is more than just a tracking system. Thanks to millions of analyzed shipments from USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL and Amazon you know the shipping hours and when the parcel carrier is expected to ring. Furthermore we use our profits to plant trees worldwide.

A sustainable future

Innovation drives us to constantly redefine the boundaries of package tracking.

Worldwide pioneer

We were the first to predict a package. Today this is a worldwide standard.

Helping the Planet together

We believe innovation should be used to do good to the planet, not to enrich individuals.

We make your package reception CO2 positive

The delivery of a shipment causes about 500g CO2. A tree can bind about one ton of CO2 in a lifetime. To be climate neutral this would be 1 tree for 2000 shipments. But CO2 neutral is not enough! That's why we plant a tree at least every 1000 shipments and thus make the receipt of parcels climate-positive for all users.