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Table of contents

  1. Interesting facts about FedEx shipment tracking
  2. How tracking works with FedEx
  3. The FedEx shipment history in detail
  4. When does FedEx deliver at all? These are the delivery times
  5. FedEx delivery status
  6. Problems? If the tracking does not work
  7. What happens when you are not at home

Interesting facts about FedEx shipment tracking

The Federal Express Corporation, or better known as FedEx, was founded in 1971 in the USA by Frederick W. Smith. At the time, the company was the first transportation company to use modern jet aircraft.¹ Today, FedEx operates one of the world's largest air freight fleets with nearly 700 active aircraft.

The Arrow in the FedEx Logo

Did you actually know that in the FedEx logo there is supposed to be an arrow pointing to the right between the e and x? Neither did we! Take a close look

. A parcel truck from Fedex
A parcel truck from Fedex via Unsplash

Nowadays, the transport company employs 450,000 people worldwide. With FedEx shipment tracking you can track your packages at any time.

FedEx in the film Cast Away


FedEx is probably also known to many through the 2000 film Cast Away, starring Tom Hanks. At the time, he played a FedEx employee who was stranded on an island after a plane crash and struggled to survive. Many of the packages he was transporting were also stranded on the island. FedEx in the movie Cast Away

FedEx in the movie Cast Away via Thx-Trailer

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How tracking works with FedEx

A FedEx delivery usually takes 2 days within Germany. For an import from abroad, such as the U.S. or Canada, for example, the delivery time can be about 4-5 days. Just then it can be helpful to have his delivery with the FedEx package tracking always in view.

If you have received a shipment number from FedEx, you can always check with the tracking, where your delivery is currently located. Super convenient, we think! On FedEx's website, or at parcello.org, you can now easily check your shipment status. Each tracking number is unique and is tagged with the order information, the shipping method (such as Express), and the recipient information.

As soon as your shipment has reached a new station and is scanned, you can read about it via FedEx shipment tracking. Only after you or the recipient has received the package, the tracking ends.

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The FedEx shipment history in detail


In most cases, the shipment history of a FedEx delivery is always composed of the following steps.

Shipment was picked up/sent


Either your shipment has been picked up by a driver or it has been scanned and further sorted by a FedEx parcel center. This is a good sign, because next the package will be transported further to the recipient's destination region. To do this, it will either be loaded onto a truck (depending on the destination region) or onto a plane.

The shipment is on its way


Very good! The package has arrived at its destination and is now being sorted for onward transport (at best, delivery)


For FedEx foreign shipments: Shipment Release

Overseas shipments go through an elaborate transportation process. An X-ray inspection or customs inspection is part of it. After the shipment receives an export release, it leaves the sender country very soon


The package is in the FedEx vehicle and ready for delivery


Wonderful! Your delivery has been loaded onto the delivery vehicle by a FedEx employee and is very likely to be delivered later today. If it is an express delivery, it will be delivered in the specified time window


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When does FedEx deliver anyway? These are the delivery hours


Each deliverer has its own delivery times, so you can quickly get confused if you expect a delivery from FedEx. As written above, a FedEx shipment usually takes 2 days within Germany. For an import from abroad, such as the USA or Canada, for example, the delivery time can be about 4-5 days.

If your shipment has already arrived at its destination and it is in the delivery vehicle, the usual delivery times of FedEx in Germany are Monday- Friday between 08:00 - 18:00. Unfortunately, FedEx does not deliver on Saturday, unless your delivery comes with FedEx Express, then a delivery on a Saturday is also possible.

If you track your FedEx delivery with parcello, you will get even more information. How is that possible? With the parcello crowd! Based on the surrounding data, an estimated delivery window is calculated for you. The advantage of parcello is therefore obvious.

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FedEx delivery status

When you track your package with the help of FedEx tracking, you get an insight into which stations the delivery has already passed through. The respective delivery status can then give you information about where exactly it is right now and what happened last with your package. We have compiled a small list for you, so that you have an indication of what status messages there are at FedEx. Please note that our list is not complete. Errors excepted.

Shipment information sent to FedEx


The sender has sent the necessary data to FedEx. Now you just have to wait until the package is handed over to FedEx. This usually takes 1-2 business days.


Your FedEx delivery has been picked up and loaded into the vehicle. At the regional depot, it will be sorted and prepared for transport to the destination region.

Arrived at FedEx Station

Your shipment has now been recorded at a FedEx location, scanned and will next be sorted and loaded for onward transport.

At sorting facility


Your package has already arrived in the recipient's region. It is being sorted.

International shipment release - export

Your international shipment has gone through X-ray inspection or customs inspection and received export clearance. It is very likely to leave the sender country as soon as possible.

International shipment release - import


Your international shipment has now either arrived in the destination country or it is currently being processed in a transit country.

Shipment ready for release


Your shipment has arrived in the destination country and has been cleared by customs there. Everything is in order and it is now being prepared for onward transport.

Damaged in transit. Shipment cannot be delivered. Return to sender.

Unfortunately, your shipment has been damaged. Apparently, the damage is so severe that now no further transport is possible and your shipment is therefore sent back to the sender.

On FedEx vehicle for delivery


Your FedEx shipment has been loaded onto the delivery vehicle and is expected to be delivered later today.

Shipment not due for delivery


There's a very good chance you won't be holding your package today. Either it may be that you have arranged a fixed delivery day with FedEx, or your shipment arrived at the FedEx office so late that the package driver could not load it onto the delivery vehicle in time. In the vast majority of cases, the delivery will then be made on the next business day.

Customer unavailable or business closed


Unfortunately, FedEx was unable to deliver your shipment today because no one was able to accept the package. If it is a corporate address, it may be that the office/store was not (yet)open. In most cases, the delivery will be made on the next business day.

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Problems? If the tracking does not work

Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that FedEx's systems are offline or not working for other reasons, which is of course especially annoying if you want to track your delivery. In such cases, we like to recommend just waiting a bit.

Super handy we find the possibility to track his delivery by email. How does it work? Just create a new email to track@fedex.com in your email inbox and leave the subject line empty. In the message you copy your tracking number (you can request up to 30 different tracking numbers in one email, by inserting them either one after the other, separated by a comma, or one below the other). Now send the email. In a few minutes you will receive a response from FedEx.

If the email tracking is not yours, and you still could not track your package online after a few days, you can of course always contact FedEx customer service. Please note that you hotline number may be chargeable.

You can find more contact options on this Website

The FedEx package was damaged, what now?

Of course, rarely does anything happen to deliveries, but if it does happen that your FedEx delivery was damaged, the shipper should file a claim immediately through FedEx's website.² Please note that this must be done within 21 calendar days of delivery.

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What happens when you are not at home


Your shipment is in the process of being delivered, but unfortunately you are out of town or at work. In such cases, the FedEx package driver will leave a message with instructions on what happens next with your shipment.³ If your package was delivered to a FedEx station, you will find more information about it on the back. Don't forget the delivery card and your ID to receive your package!

Fedex Door Tag / notification card
Fedex notification card / Door Tag | © Bildrechte: FedEx

If the delivery person has ticked that he will try again, your delivery will usually be made on the next business day another delivery attempt.

If, however, a signature is required upon delivery, you must unfortunately be present to receive your package.


If you want to reroute your Express FedEx shipment (or perhaps make an address correction) this is only possible once per shipment. You can make the following changes:

In this case, it is best to contact FedEx customer service. Please note that additional costs or restrictions may apply in this case. In addition, there may be delays.

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